Sarah, wearing business clothes, lounging in a bath tub, smiling. Everything in the image is red from the surrounding neon red lights.
About Me
Hi, I’m Sarah. After years in painting, drawing, photography, and eventually graphic design, I transitioned to UX/UI. In the past, the perception of my art and design work had revolved around individual people’s subjective opinions. This was true when I was freelancing and making logos for small businesses and as an in-house designer. The moment a manager in the content writing department said she didn’t like something, I wanted to know why. It wasn’t because objective data or research proved it would benefit the customer; it was because she was too close to the project and personally preferred something else. As harsh as it sounds, subjective preferences and tastes didn’t seem like sufficient reasons to direct any project meant for a particular demographic. This led me to UX/UI where I would always have the user front and center. Pairing my creativity and solid design skills with research and user pain points, I can know “why” certain decisions are being made and ensure the user objectively has the best experience possible without unnecessary clutter or waste.
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