Sarah, wearing business clothes, lounging in a bath tub, smiling. Everything in the image is red from the surrounding neon red lights.
About Me
I am Sarah Lauchli, a dedicated UX and Product Designer with a unique blend of skills in graphic design, user experience, and product development. With over eight years of combined experience, I specialize in transforming complex problems into intuitive, accessible, and visually compelling solutions. My career spans significant roles where I've revitalized outdated applications, pioneered user-centric design systems, and driven remarkable improvements in user interaction and satisfaction.
At the heart of my approach is a profound commitment to understanding user needs and leveraging research to guide design decisions. My work with diverse teams—from startups like Structure to established companies like Western Digital—illustrates my ability to adapt and innovate under varied conditions. I've led initiatives that significantly reduced support inquiries through strategic design improvements and saved costs by optimizing resource use without compromising quality.
I am passionate about continuous learning, as demonstrated during my last period of professional transition, where I enhanced my skills in accessibility, generative AI, and inclusive design. My goal is to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also inclusive and practical, making technology usable for everyone.
Currently, I am seeking opportunities to bring my expertise in UX design, particularly in information architecture and asynchronous user research, to a team that values innovative solutions and user-first design. Let's connect and explore how we can create impactful user experiences together.
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